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● High-performance LED light source with a maximum output of up to 2000 lumens.

● The lamp head is compatible with GoPro mounts, which allows for easy mounting to handlebars, helmets, and more.

● High-capacity battery pack with USB Type-C port supports 18W fast charging and discharging, so it can be used as a power bank for other devices.

● The light head is equipped with a long power cable, which allows the battery pack to be mounted in a multitude of locations for maximum flexibility

● Optimized battery pack mounting using a silicone ring gives you many placement options and will work well with any bike in your stable.

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Product Details

GOTORCH X is a mountain bike light that delivers up to 2000 lumens max. output, a bright hotspot, and wide spill. The light consists of  two main parts, the light head and the battery pack. The light head is compatible with the GoPro mounts, so It easily mounts to handlebars, helmets, tripods, and more. The entire upper cover of the light head is a large switch button, so it can be easily operated with your  riding gloves on. The rechargeable battery pack that comes with the product supports up to 80+ hours of continuous lighting, and its  USB Type-C port charges the light while also allowing the battery pack to serve as a convenient mobile power bank to charge your phone, taillight, GPS, action cameras, and more. The light offers great performance! Its bright hotspot crisply illuminates the trail ahead,  while the beam’s ample spill provides a wide-angle view of closer trail features and obstacles to the front and sides. This MTB light will  help make your rides safer and let you stay out on the trail longer! 

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