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● Wyvern is a bicycle headlight, as well as a helmet light for an MTB setup.

● It is stylish.

● Maximum output of 300 lumens, maximum runtime of 13 hours, Type-C fast charging, IPX4 waterproof.

● suitable for road cycling and urban commuters.

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Product Details

Wyvern is a stylish, sporty, and lightweight bike light specially designed for the road, urban cyclists, and commuters, as well as a helmet  light for an MTB setup. Equipped with a high-output LED emitter capable of providing up to 300 lumens, it can shine with an anti-glare  light that is soft to oncoming road users. Side cutouts increase lateral visibility for safer nighttime riding. There are three brightness levels and two modes. Long press the switch to turn on/off the light, and click to change brightness or  modes. PC+ABS housing, plus UV coating on the surface as well as PVC foam stickers (included) on both sides, contribute to a sleek,  stylish yet durable finish. The 2000mAh battery with a Type-C charging port ensures 13 hours of runtime and can be juiced up in only  2.5 hours for longer cycling trips. In addition, Wyvern features an IPX4 waterproof protection rating, allowing it to stand up the heavy  rain effortlessly. When it comes to mounting, the universal Garmin mount allows for a quick and easy attachment/removal from the handlebar in a second. 300 lumens, anti-glare light, multiple output modes, 2000mAh battery, and Type-C fast charging,making Wyvern a perfect companion  for every ride.

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